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Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage Door Maintenance in FloridaInspecting All Hardware Parts

The first step of proper garage door maintenance is to check the components and decide if they need care, repair or replacement. It is best to start with the spring system and go down. The main things to watch out for include deformed and damaged spring coils and cable fraying and cuts. Since these components are under a lot of tension, any damage to them can cause a serious problem. That is why they should be replaced right away if they are in poor condition. The tracks are checked for bending. The bent sections should be repaired immediately. Otherwise, the track can break. If the roller stems are twisted or the wheels are worn, it is time for replacement.

Lubrication Maintenance

All moving metal parts and the areas where friction occurs should be lubricated. The product used for the purpose has to be approved by the door’s manufacturer. Usually, light household oil is a good choice. The silicone-based products should be avoided, however. All coils of the torsion spring should be covered with a thin layer of the product. The lift cables require lubrication only at the bottom bracket button. If the roller wheels are made from steel, they should be lubricated along with the stems. If they are made from nylon, they don't require lubrication at all. The drive chain of the garage door opener should get a thin layer of lubricant as well (ignore this step if you have a belt drive). After the job is done, the door should be opened and closed once or twice so that the product can spread properly.

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