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Garage Door Springs

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The opener does all the work when opening the door. Are you sure? It’s actually the garage door spring system that provides most of the power needed. Here you will find useful information about these components and their operation.Garage Door Springs

Torsion Spring Adjustment

This type of spring is actually loaded with force whose amount matches the weight of the door. This is how it works to balance the door and to facilitate opening. If the tension is lower or greater than the optimal, the door will be out of balance and start to malfunction. It is hard to get it open or to keep it closed. The adjustment involves winding or unwinding the spring to increase or to reduce the amount of force respectively. This is not a DIY job as the risk of injury is high.

Extension Springs and Cables

These springs are mounted over the horizontal tracks. There is one on each side of the door, connected to lift cables via a set of pulleys. When the door is closed, the springs are stretched and loaded with force. During opening, this force is passed to the pulleys and then to the cables to enable the process. These springs have safety cables running through them as well. They don’t do any work most of the time, but their role is crucial. If the spring breaks, they keep the parts in place. Otherwise they might snap and hurt someone

Broken Spring Replacement

Even the strongest extension and torsion springs break eventually. When this happens, the door cannot work and should not be used with the opener or lifted manually. Spring replacement involves removing the parts of the old component and mounting and adjusting the new one. The choice of new spring is essential, however. Ideally, it should have a long cycle life (10,000 cycles for extension springs and 15,000 cycles or more for torsion ones), high wire size and galvanized steel make. Testing should confirm that the new component is working properly.

Need spring repair, adjustment or installation? Count on us to do the job effectively and quickly. We have the right skills, equipment and replacement parts at hand. Our company, “Garage Door Repair in Englewood”, works with springs of all types, ages and brands without exception.

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